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BeckyJohnson,M.A.Ed, CMS-CHT

Certified Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist

Chronic Disease and Hypnosis

Are you experiencing a chronic disease or condition?  Have your doctors told you that there is nothing else they can do to help you with your condition?  Would you like to move past just managing the symptoms and find some real answers?  The answers you are seeking are in your own unconscious mind.


For centuries the practice of medicine has separated the mind from the body.  This is so counterproductive!  The unconscious is responsible for all the autonomic systems in the body.  How can any condition be addressed without considering the psychological component.  


New sciences are proving the link between the mind and the body.  Epigenetics tells us that our genes are simply blueprints waiting for external influences to activate them.  These external influences may be environmental toxins, physical impacts such as accidents or frequently our own thoughts and beliefs.  In fact, thoughts and beliefs have more influence over our physical bodies than imagined.  Psychoneuroimmunology is a new branch of science which studies the effect of the mind on health and resistance to disease.  This science is proving the mind, body connection.  The mind is connected to the nervous and the immune system.  The control mechanism for the autonomic nervous system is actually the unconscious mind.  Another contributing branch of science is quantum physics.  This branch studies energy at the smallest level and has made significant contributions to our further understanding of the human body and how it works.


Because our thoughts are also considered to influence our cells and genes they are a key factor in understanding any physical condition in your body.  And where are your thoughts and beliefs stored?  That's right the unconscious mind.  The problem is that the information stored in the unconscious mind is often hidden from us, unavailable through the conscious mind.


Every condition in the body has a positive intention for being there.  It is a messenger and has something to tell you about yourself or the way you think that needs your attention. The fastest and easiest way to access this information is by practicing hypnosis.  


With medical support from a doctor of functional medicine and hypnotherapy, a person experiencing a chronic disease may be able to make the changes necessary to alleviate the symptoms and return to a more active, enriched life.



Rebecca Johnson’s services are NOT the practice of medicine or psychotherapy and are, therefore, not offered as a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment, but will serve as adjunct to these services.

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