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  • Becky Johnson

Are you aware?

How aware are you of your unconscious thoughts and feelings? For most of us the answer is probably - Not very! Unfortunately, the thoughts and feelings that are in charge of our attitudes and beliefs are generally hidden from us. Yet, they are responsible for our perceptions and behaviors. Have you ever just sat and asked yourself what do I truly think about myself, my worth, my health, money, my job, my future, or anything. A good way to begin to uncover these hidden messages is to listen to your self talk. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? When you check your bank balance? When you think about your health? About others? About your skills and abilities?

Write some of these statements down and ask yourself if they are really true. Chances are you find that most of them are not true and are limiting you from moving forward in your life. Whatever you are thinking is what you are creating. And, if your thoughts are not true you are living in an illusion that you probably do not want to be living. To change what you are creating you must first change your thoughts at the unconscious level. If you tell yourself, "there is nothing I can do about the pain in my body" you will continue to experience that pain and possibly cause it to worsen. If you instead tell yourself "I am in control of my body and there is no pain", you have a greater chance of reducing or eliminating the pain. If you tell yourself "there is never enough money" , there will continue to be a shortage.

The first step to change is awareness! Be aware! Listen and observe yourself to discover hidden limiting patterns of thought and behavior. When you can get in touch with these thoughts you are on the way to changing your life and achieving your goals. In order to change and something different different you must first eliminate the old thoughts and feelings and replace them with what you want to think and feel. Take the first step and work on becoming more aware!

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