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  • Becky Johnson

The Mind-Body Connection

Let’s begin with some historical information. Around four hundred years ago a philosopher, Rene Descarte, decided he wanted to study the human body. He was informed by the church that he could study the physical body, but not the mind or the spirit. Thus began the separation of the mind from the body. The body has been viewed as a machine ever since.

Have you ever really thought about what the mind-body connection is? All too often we use phrases or expressions without being aware of what they really mean. So, how is the mind connected to the body? The unconscious mind runs the autonomic nervous system. All the systems that run automatically in the human body. It is also the connection to the higher consciousness. I find it puzzling that the part of the human experience that controls all automatic processes and connects to a field of knowledge that is infinite can be disregarded as an integral part of ones’ physical health. If your unconscious mind were to shut down – you would die!

Quantum physics has shown us that everything is energy- EVERYTHING! Your physical body, all the information stored in your unconscious mind, your thoughts and emotions are all energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. These frequencies can be measured by sophisticated machines. Even the thoughts in the subconscious mind can be measured for frequency when one intentionally focuses on a specific thought. The higher the frequency of a thought the more positive effect it has on the body. Many call this the power of positive thinking. I prefer the power of positive, elevated emotions. Studies have shown that groups of people focusing their thoughts on the same intention can have and effect on others. A good example of this is found in collective prayer or intention. The more people focus on the same purpose the greater the impact. I therefore, I conclude that thoughts and emotions, stored in the unconscious mind, can affect the physical energy of the body.

There are more cases today of diseases or symptoms that cannot be explained. I believe the reason for this is that the information in the unconscious mind is not being considered as relevant. Yet, it seems that information in the mind is the only logical explanation.

Cases of “spontaneous recovery” are happening more and more frequently. Is it a miracle? Or, Is it a matter of tapping into the unconscious mind to find answers? Many who practice meditation or self-hypnosis on a regular basis have such miraculous experiences. When the energy or frequency of the body is elevated, healing occurs naturally. The unconscious mind is a powerful force, and when used, can provide valuable information about the body. It has always been there, we just need to recognize its value. It is a valuable part of what makes us whole.

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