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  • Becky Johnson

Why not "no"?

I was taught in my training that you never use no or nothing when writing suggestions

for hypnosis. We were told that the subconscious mind does not process "no" or "nothing".

I was curious about this so I did some further research and discovered why this is the case.

The subconscious learns in pictures or images. The words no or nothing have no corresponding

images. They convey a blank screen, if you will, therefore the subconscious has no image with which to connect. Consequently, it omits the word no or nothing and carries on.

Example: "I do not want to gain weight" is read and heard as "I do want to gain weight".

"I don't want to be a pushover" to "I do want to be a pushover".

This is a very important point and it also applies when creating affirmations. Stating an intention

in the positive is always the most effective means of achieving a goal or intention.

I frequently ask clients "what is your goal" and they tell me what they don't want. Knowing what you don't want is a good place to start.Remember that what you are moving away from what you don't want and toward what you do want. Ask yourself what will I see and hear and feel when I achieve this goal. This can be challenging, but if you practice thinking about what you do want, your subconscious mind will be able to connect with the image you desire and help you create more rapidly.

Try practicing using positive language and images and see your life begin to blossom.

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