• Becky Johnson

Your thoughts have power over you!

I posted the following quote today: "it all begins and ends in your mind. Whatever you give power to has power over you, if you allow it".

This quote reminds me that everything in our personal world begins and ends with our thoughts. Thoughts are energy and energy is the building block of creation. Thoughts are begin and end in the mind and then are broadcast out energetically into the Universe. Thoughts are so powerful as they are the foundation of the life we choose to create.

If you choose to dwell on negative, limiting, judgmental thoughts, you are giving the power of creation to those thoughts and so are creating this in your life. If, on the other hand, you choose thoughts that are positive, accepting, supportive and caring, you are creating a more positive, accepting, loving, caring and supportive life.

Decide what you want to be, do and have and then focus your thoughts on this. You will find that your life will transform into what you envision.

Many people have trouble controlling their thoughts and need assistance. Hypnosis is a great way to achieve control over your thoughts and program your unconscious mind to focus on that which you choose.

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